06 August 2011

I hope and I found

I always pray when i had fallen in love with someone , that guy will be the someone who is exactly like i am describing . But i dont asking tooo much of you, but i hope when i had found you , you are the one who will be my forever man . I hope it will be soon .

I hope i can find a guy who call i back when i hang upon him , who will lie under the stars and listens to my heartbeat , or who will stay awake just to watch i sleep .

I will wait for the boy who will kiss my forehead , then who will show off to the world when you're in sweats , then holds my hand in front of his friends , treats me the same around as his mates as he does when you and me are alone .

It was someone that i can trust but i can't control , i will feel safe in his arms yet stand on my own two feet . Then i hope he was someone cuddles me when i'm cold , give me a hug just to show how much u needed me , missed me and loved me.

I found a guy who are not afraid to tell me about his feeling towards me . Even he knows it is hurt to loved someone and not to be love d in return , i hope that guy will try to find the courage to let me know how he feel . I hope on that day , he will hold my hand properly and tightly , under the stars and moon , looks deep into my eyes , and tell me about his feelings , i hope , once i knows about how much he had waited for me and his love , my tears will turns down by my cheek . And i will smile to show on you that i am happy , and i hope u will know that it is the smile to show i am lucky to be loved by u .

I hope you are the guy who will spend with me in my whole life , who will promised to be with me in hard or easy , in sad or happy , and who will not mad on me . but if u mad on me , please do not brings it for the long time , coz i dont want lost you . please know that i am not really sensitive ,:P i hope u can understand me .but, i hope you know that i am easy to let my tears come out , it is easy to me to cry but i wont tell anybody unless to someone that very close to me. I want you to know that when i am mad with you , it doesnt mean that i hate you , but i want you to know that i just want you to be close with me.

You said everything i need to know and hear and it is like i couldnt ask for anything better .

I hope you can respects my space and never make me wait . I hope you will calls exactly when you says u will .
I hope when we are not together , you will never stop from missing me , and you will never stop from reminding me everytime how much and badly u are missing me when i am not with you . I hope you do that coz you afraid i will forgeting you . I hope u will know too that when we are not together , i willl missing you like hell , i want you to know that missing you is the bad things in my life.

I hope you will not try to forget me even a second . I hope you will miss me when something really good happen , because u know that i am the one that you want to share it . I hope you will miss me when you laugh and cry because you know that i am the one who will makes your laughter grow and your dissappear . I hope you will miss me all the time , and u will miss me so much when you are lay awake at night and think of all the wonderful times we spent with each other .

One who is constantly reminding me of how much he cares and how much he lucky is to have me .:D
I hope you willl know that i am hands down , the most stubborn human being ever existed sometimes:D
Whats important is i want you to do not hope for someone who are more prettier , taller , smarter , richer than me when we are fall in love . I hope when i cry , u will hold me close and i will heal quicky

I hope you dont think that i wanted too much from you , I hope you understand that i am little bit nervous and very scared to tell you that i love you . I wish i could tell you how and when i willl tell you about my feeling and when we will be in love forever . You need to know that every relationship is a new game of cards . Please believe that i will try the best to be nicest and love you deariest for all the time and who you are .

p/s:maybe this post is too cliche cheesy and what not.but its from my heart.seriously i suck when i talked love to u.but i want u to know this.those bold words:D yang bese tu ye jugak :D
one more ignore the grammar HAHA

HAHA.shit ah selalu kate kat orang emo ni aku plak yang emo.HAHA.ah lantaklahh.demmit.:P

05 August 2011


He saw u.

He met u.

He wanted u.

He liked u.

He chased u.

He got u.

He had u.

He loved u.

He got bored.

He left !


p/s : mostly bende ni yang berlaku biasanya la kan.:P